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Provider of online video interviews and discussions

Iain Maciver Video is always looking for potentially interesting guests for interviews. Our editorial group will consider all suggestions. Contact us HERE.

Iain Maciver VideoIain Maciver Video (IMV) provides a range of higher-quality recorded online video services to established broadcasters, companies, and other organisations, wherever they are in the UK or around the world.  Our technology records on each interviewee’s / guest’s device, resulting in up to HD quality and less dependence on broadband speeds.
This service is completely online. That means that you will not need to invest in any specialist equipment to get the best interviews from your executives, your customers, or your job candidates, wherever they are in the world. The quality of the video and audio will be much better than your usual video calls, such as Zoom and MS Teams, etc.

BROADCASTERS: Has your planned video interview had to be abandoned because of poor broadband or phone signal? Don’t worry. Try us today. No improvement, no fee.

The reason for this is that we use the latest technology. Originally developed for video podcasting, it also records video and audio on the guest’s device. Those files are then automatically uploaded to us. What that means is that fast internet is no longer necessary – as long as there is just enough bandwidth to upload the recorded interview to us.  What a difference! It is amazing technology.
Our list of online video services includes: Home - Iain Maciver Video
  • Recruitment interviewing
  • TV and radio interviews
  • Promotional videos
  • Commercial statements for distribution
  • Personal and family meet-ups in better quality than normal video calls.
  • Statement-taking at a distance
  • Discussions with up to several participants around the world
  • Podcast recording – for publishing here or elsewhere


What we do

IMV will host the session, but we will not necessarily appear on screen, unless that is your requirement. It can be a case of recording a talking head (for organisational statements), a one-to-one session (perfect for recruitment interviews) or a discussion with up to eight participants (often used for business meets as well as family meet-ups). They can all take part with their webcams or just by using their smartphones. Please note that the ultimate quality will depend on the quality of the webcams and microphones used by participants.
After the session is completed, we must wait until each segment on the guests’ devices has been uploaded to our system, and soon afterwards we will be able to download the session in HD video and audio quality. Then we edit it to your requirements. You will then get a copy to view and approve, or you may ask for further editing, etc.
Iain Maciver Video is based in north Scotland. From there, it covers the world.

For more details, go to Contact.