Helmsdale Good Samaritans aid snow-stranded travellers

HelmsdaleHelmsdale Good Samaritans aid A9 snow-stranded travellers

Helmsdale couple Darren Minton and Jodie Hiller became Good Samaritans on Thursday when they realised drivers were trapped in snow on the A9 near them

Darren and Jodie, operators of the Navidale House Hotel in Helmsdale, south of Wick, did not hesitate when they realised the snow gates were closing in the blizzard as the road conditions worsened in the blizzard.

When the snow gates were closed on the evening of Thursday 18 January 2024, they posted on social media to say that they would put up anyone who was stranded and needed accommodation in the blizzard.

Soon, nine weary and very grateful drivers and passengers turned up at their door looking for a bed. They were taken in by the couple even though Navidale House is still undergoing renovation.

I spoke to Jodie and Darren afterwards.