Iain Maciver Video (IMV) is run by a journalist with nearly 40 years experience. 

About Iain Maciver Video (IMV)

About 35 years ago, Iain began interviewing people for radio and then for newspapers. IMV now uses those skills he acquired then to help businesses of all kinds recruit the right kind of staff and also promote their own products and services. We also carry out media interviews for broadcasters like radio and TV channels around the world. Iain is also a working freelance news cameraman for TV in Scotland.

About the online interviews system

The reach of this service is truly international. By using the latest video podcasting technology, IMV is able to achieve much better video and audio than conventional video call technology. Our system actually records at each end of the conversation. It then uploads each guests’ recording and synchronises them together for a high-quality, natural conversation that is easy to listen to.About

About our independence

IMV is independent in every way. We have no binding contracts, agreements, or responsibilities that prevent us from dealing directly with any organisation or with the public. We are also politically independent and none of our staff have any political party memberships.
About our accreditations
Our people are members of a legal services association, which regularly checks our police records, our creditworthiness, and also confirms we have a public liability insurance policy in place. Our staff are also individually registered for data protection purposes with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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