Iain Maciver Video Services Services from Iain Maciver Video include the following features to ensure the best experience for you and your participants. Please note all video recordings are a maximum of 60 minutes. Prices are based on the system operator’s time commitment and not on the duration of the final video.

NOTE: With good 1080p webcams and smartphones, video quality is generally HD.  Poor or defective equipment and poor lighting at the guest’s side will reduce the quality.

TV and radio

We have several options for interviews for broadcasters. Their host may speak to the distant interviewee, in or out of vision. Or give us questions and we will do the interviewing. The host can then just monitor on an audience-only link, where they are merely an observer. Broadcasters may order a full two-way interview or just the video and audio of the guest part of it.


We will send recruiters a link to interview the distant candidate themselves, in or out of vision. They have several options. They or their staff can interview the candidate, or we can do the interviewing for them. It’s their choice. We are trained recruiters.

Here is a tutorial on online recruiting (not specific to our system) from Youtube that our clients say they have found useful.

Statement taking and distribution

We will normally record the interview on your webcam or smartphone. It can be reading a pre-prepared script or answering our pre-prepared questions. Additionally, we will teach you how to read a script while looking at the camera (always preferable for viewer engagement). The choice is yours. We can even come to you and record your spokesperson, although that may depend on your budget. We are based in the north of Scotland.

How is our video and audio better than video calls?

We record each speaker locally and it is stored in their device’s own memory until it is automatically uploaded to our online system. That means it is in better quality than common live-streaming video call apps like Zoom, Meetings, etc.

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